The Greater Cincinnati Poodle Club

Meetings and Programs

Marianne Donohue
Jan Elwert
Vice President
Susan Bengtson
Pam Manfresca
Board Members
Constance Crumley
Tonnie Gear
Carolyn Plank
Loren Bengtson
Past President

Each month the club has a program as the first part of the general membership meeting. The public is welcome to attend.  Programs are fun, educational and informative. The programs may consist of talks by veterinarians on a variety of subjects - from dog hearing aides to dog acupuncture. Some programs are held offsite, such as water retrieving demonstrations held at a nearby pond and several grooming demonstrations, which have been given by the clubs' talented groomers. These are just a small sampling of the wonderful programs offered by the club. Each program typically runs for an hour followed by the general meeting where club business topics are discussed.

General meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month starting at 7 PM. For more information, please check out our Facebook page at
"Greater Cincinnati Poodle Club"

Or, email us at

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