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Most people prefer to purchase Poodles from reliable, responsible breeders and not from “puppy mills” or pet shops. Member breeders of the Greater Cincinnati Poodle Club have pledged to breed health, sound, well socialized puppies from healthy genetically tested parents. Our member breeders will provide follow-up instructions to new Poodle owners and frequently stay in contact with the owners who are providing loving homes for their new puppies. 

The Greater Cincinnati Poodle Club maintains a list of active breeder members and participates in breeder referral programs through the American Kennel Club and The Poodle Club of America. Our breeder members’ puppies have been sent all over the world as well as throughout the United States. In the past the Club has joined forces with other dog fancier clubs to try and eliminate puppy mills and other irresponsible breeding practices.

Breed Breeder
Phone Email
 Aldebaran Standard Loren & Susan
Banner Standard Joanne Steele 513/847-1610
 Bell Song Serene Standard  Sherry Thurman  513/206-0305  
Chase Standard Marianne Donohue 513/681-5484
Delta Standard Jan Elwert 513/825-3784   
Escada Miniature
Donna Kaufmann 513/474-3233  
Hilltop Standard Tonnie Gear 513/831-9483  
Rita & Bonny Datema 859/743-0219

The reputable, ethical poodle breeder

  • Breeds Poodles for the improvement of the breed and not for self profit.

  • Feels a responsibility for the future of the breed itself, the dogs being raised and sold, and to the people obtaining the puppies.

  • Is available and willing to help educate and advise the public about Poodles.

  • Is dedicated to breeding quality, not quantity.

  • Is concerned about the health, temperament, and conformation of Poodles being bred.

  • Screens all breeding stock for hereditary diseases that have tests available.

  • Strives to reduce the occurrence of health problems in Poodles and to provide those test results to buyers and other breeders.

  • Wants to be informed of any health problems or concerns throughout the lifetime of the puppy.

  • Requires buyers to provide proper housing and nutrition, scheduled veterinary care, spaying or neutering, training, grooming, exercise and most of all – LOTS OF LOVE!

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